Friday, March 2, 2012

Hidden Challenges

As it turns out, the grass is always greener. I can fully attest to this theory. For the past 7 days I have had access to a car and car seats, car keys too and have been able to buzz around town, well at least theoretically.  

Something about the term "buzz" doesn't go hand-in-hand with car seats and children and well nothing really buzzes when you have kids, because kids tend to slow your roll.  When you live in the suburbs, even this rather urban suburb and have children you can no longer park illegally and run into Store 24 for something actually have to park the car, legally, pay the meter (usually) and then unharness all three children and finally, you can go on your errand.  Hopefully, you have planned your errand running in an effort to avoid having to repeat this process of loading, fastening, driving, parking, meter paying, unfastening and going on errand number two!  You could easily grow tired of this silly in-and-out game and wish for the simple life.

The simple life, of course, coming from urban child car combination can seem like a blissful existence with walking and bicycles and images from The Bridges of Madison County flashing through your head.  Oh, and the simple life is wonderful, until it gets tiring or the weather gets very cold or very hot or you have more children than can fit on a bike (I understand there is a lovely Dutch solution to this, priced only slightly lower than a decent used car).  Who doesn't love a bicycle ride to the farmer's market or to pick up flowers and sandwiches at Trader Joe's?  Unless it's raining or snowing or one of the children is screaming their way home on the back of the bicycle it could a great way to get around town. 

And then I think of the moment today when a driver popped out of a car in front of me and opened the door for his that's a win-win-win right? Or maybe they see it as a grass is always greener situation too, maybe you just can't win. 

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