TSA Tutorial

On our return trip home we had a lovely stop in Newark...friendliest airport I've been to in a while (Phnom Penh was not winning any points) and when we were finally next in line to "cross into America" as I was billing it to the kids the line halted and an the old couple in front of us struggled to understand what they were being asked to say and do.
K wandered past the yellow line on the ground and over to the old couple and the woman behind the desk at immigration and said "I speak Chinese...can I help?".  (Smiles all around, I can see them though the screen) K proceeded to tell the old couple what they needed to do and say to get through immigration and from where I stood, behind the yellow line, I could see the surprised look on the faces of people around the entire event.

Chinese public school may not be for the feint of heart but it's taught my kids something that no other experience could have...bravery and confidence in two languages.

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