Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Big Birthday

Birthday's are no small affair in this house. In fact, my birthday just two weeks ago was a "surprise" that as E told me to hide in my room meant they were preparing the dining room.  The surprise was more for the kids than for me and the smiles on their small, nearly identical faces meant more than than anything else...cake is hard to eat on a hangover (more about that later).
So here I am two weeks out from my day with two weeks (okay 13 days) of time to prepare for K's big 7th birthday spectacular!  He's not been planning the big day like his sister F who has found cups in the cellar and packed them away for her day in August, but he has pinned photos of Lego stuff he would like to the corkboard behind his cowboy bed that was once his grandfather's (they both think it's special).

But outside of the Lego gifts he has asked for I can't figure out what to do for the kiddo.  Lego cake sounds good and maybe some candles...but that sort of covers the family comes over party which he'll be destroyed to find out is on Mother's Day...I should know, I shared my birthday with my grandmother and Easter Sunday more times than a child should have to...talk about stealing my thunder!

So kids here have parties in activity centers and bouncy castles and that all seems quite nice but a bit out of my new to town range and I've done the party in the backyard routine and there is always a disaster on hand that makes it regrettable (rain, screaming child, too many people, people I don't get to talk to)...so this year I'm going to do it right and what parent hasn't had that thought? But I'm at a loss.

All I want to do is make this birthday special for him and his new friends but why does that seem like the impossible dream?

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