Thursday, March 1, 2012


Jeremy Lin has nothing on the Bean.  Okay I get it, he's brought the Knicks back from the point of no return in a few games and well behind on a number of occasions, but "Linsanity" is nothing once you've been in the company of Ms. Bean.

While Linsanity has just arrived and there is no telling how long it will last, Beansanity has been in full effect for well over 15 years, that's nearly as long as Jeremy Lin has been around in real time. Ms. Bean began drawing people into her web back in the winter '97 and has been creating memories and earning "street cred" the whole time.

So who is Ms. Bean and why are you still reading?  Ah, of course I'll tell you.  A white chick from the suburbs of Boston, educated at Lehigh ( you have to shout it to say it right) who went to work at the now defunct Holden School in Charlestown to give kids a better chance and allow them to enjoy the beauty of science by doing. Surprising to most, I was at the time a certified science teacher, had to teach myself as my background was is sociology.  Clearly the sociology aspect was what made teaching in Boston a good fit, I connected with kids that people couldn't imagine happening and I stuck with them for a good long time; creating and redefining the class and changing opinions on both sides of the fence.

After a bit of a break to take on the full time job as mom we were off to China on an odyssey.  This was no expat relocation.  This was 8 suitcases and 3 kids to Beijing and then to Shanghai to grin and bear it and find our way and experience life from another perspective.  Turns out that trip China was what really turned me into who I am.  Yeah, high school and college are great experiences but generally not game changers in the big picture.  It was Shanghai that created the character that often preceded the person and not in a bad way either.  I became the kind of person that people knew, sought advice from and wanted to be around.  In 2.5 years I became the best possible version of myself; was a full time mother, ran one of the big 5 marathons, took on a job I never imagined I could have at a magazine and then when it was time to cut the cord I did so without regret.  It was simply time to move on.

Time to start over and bring Beansanity home to Boston and what better place than Boston to have a family, begin creating new memories and build on what I have.

This story is just beginning and it will be nothing short of amazing!


  1. Nice post. I'm glad your are home now. Go Lehigh! Theta love, Jamie

  2. Love that you were the first to post!
    Congratulations to you :)