Friday, March 23, 2012

Endless Summer

Some people might think the title here is going to be all about the glorious weather we have been lucky enough to enjoy for the past six days, but it's not.  While moving back to Boston was not a decision we made quickly the move itself, took place over the course of week give or take a day.
On every trip back to Boston previously it had been a summer trip to the beach house complete with cousins, grandparents, parties and fun that usually wrapped up a few weeks later with a return to China and what we considered "normal life".  After all, a trip to the beach house was a vacation from our regular lives and our "home" in China.

The kids and I have been back in Boston about a month...I'm not sure on the actual date, I've lost track and they seem to think this is normal-ish life now.  K attends school at the neighborhood primary school, the girls are at home with me as I look for work and we do regular things like grocery shop and run errands...but it still feels vaguely like a holiday and I wonder when it will end?

In the first week after our arrival K would ask if we were going to the beach house and when we would see our cousins.  E would ask "when we go home?" knowing that this was not a familiar setting at all.  F...well that child could make a home anywhere...she's just one of those kids who seems pretty happy all the time, except for when she isn't.  Of course there are things that are missing in our lives; our dog will make the trip soon and my husband Skypes in from time to time to see the kids and catch up with me.  Eventually, things will come back to complete normal, right?

Despite having grown up here and living my a good portion of my adult life here this doesn't quite feel like home, not yet at least.  I wonder if once we go on vacation to the beach house if it will feel like home when we return...I can only hope.

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