Monday, March 19, 2012

The 33rd County

If you've ever traveled to Ireland you know that being from Boston is like being part of a remote 33rd county.  Nearly everyone you meet has a story about Boston or a relative that has gone for a while and some for good.  This past weekend was tip of the hat or a tipping back of a pint to your own heritage or that of a friend.  After all, on St. Patrick's Day everyone is Irish.

On the first St. Patrick's Day in four years the kids and I joined my sister, her husband and our parents in what has once again returned as a annual tradition for us.

We were dressed like it was going to be blustery in Southie with sweaters and coats.  You know how when the wind comes up on the water it can be chilly but the chill was not to be this past Sunday.  The sun blazed down on South Boston, the party goers and the politicians and the parade was longer than ever.  In fact if the tan on our arms and faces is any indication there were quite a few politicians on the route. 

The sway of the crowd suggested good cheer and most likely plenty of it on this sun-filled day that was brimming over with smiling eyes, bag pipes and all things green.  While you can celebrate St. Patrick's Day anywhere in the world there's really no second best place to celebrate with all of your old friends and new than Boston.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Mark has no idea where either side of his family comes from. Maybe, if you know anything from your Jims side, let me know! My family is pretty Irish, but that is only half of my kids! And I have yet to get a redhead to prove it to them!