Tuesday, March 13, 2012

As American As Peanut Butter & Jelly

It occurred to me today for the first time in quite literally years that I was not going to be able to offer peanut butter & jelly in any fashion as K head off his first day of kindergarten. Which prompted the question: What can I send? 

Now I mean no offense to folks with children who have peanut allergies, they are very serious and potentially life threatening...but when in the last 25 years did it go from being one kid in an entire school to what seems like every other child?  I suppose I could ask one of the three kindergarten teachers at school, she was my youngest sister's kindergarten teacher so she's seen it all I'd imagine.

There is very little that's as American as peanut butter & jelly except for the Red Sox and the 4th of July...okay and apple pie...turkey too.  I don't know where peanut butter came from or when it was first created but let's just assume that since all the other stuff including the Corcord grape jelly is from this fair Commonwealth then peanut butter by default is also from Boston and the vicinity.

After walking home from school we sat out back and ate peanut butter & jelly with apple juice and lay in the grass.  It could have been 1984 and it was awesome, again.

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