Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Less Car

For least two, we haven't had a car.  There have been bikes, bike trailers, scooters, ebikes, a super subway and taxis if all else failed...but rarely a car...we didn't see the need. 

Now here I am in the land of minivans and sport utilities and nearly four dollar a gallon gasoline and for obvious reasons I just don't quite see the need.

So maybe instead of a car I'll pick myself up one of these bikes...a bike built for many and stuff hauling capabilities.  No it's not highway legal but it is street and passenger friendly, not to mention environmentally and speaks to my Chinese sensibilities (to which you are like what?!). 

No parking no traffic no pollution no problem.  Getting to the beach might be tricky but then there's always the Greenbush line.

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