Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Things People Say

About 7 years ago someone told me and my husband that our lives were about to change and said with a hint of sarcasm that life would never be the same again.  Granted we were about to become parents for the first time and honestly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into but what we were about to discover is that our lives were going to be less ordinary.

Fast forward to September 2009 our family size has grown from 3 to 5 and we are about to do something no one wants us to do, at all.  We stand at the cross roads of taking a risk and embarking on an adventure...but neither of these activities are featured in parenting books and for those of us that have traveled those life less ordinary paths in parenting things will never ever be the same.

With three children (ages 4, 2 and 5 weeks) we board a plane that is Asia bound and 26 hours later we arrive at what will be our new home in Beijing, China. There is nothing normal about our experience. There are people who question our every move and motivation for doing something so "extreme" but then everything is relative, right?

Then I take a quick glance at "normal" now for us and how everyone loves me and the kids being back in Boston and I wonder about how "normal" all of this really is.  It is of course, all relative but it doesn't mean I'm always going to be overflowing with happy or spend every minute mourning my 12 hour time difference husband...we are making a go at new normal and it turns out that this may be more extreme than anything we have ever done before.

So, if in the mean time I direct you to things that made me laugh 'til my nose ran or sent you a random link to something you'll probably get to before me, take it as misguided goodwill with a dose of a distinct need to connect with everyone else living their so called normal life.

Wish you were here!

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