Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Bit of Ingenuity

Some people just assume that women my age can't cook or that we do take away meals or some sort of nonsense. More and more I find that in my years spent living abroad I learned how to cook "outside of the box" because necessity is the mother of invention and induction.

The basic thing you need to know about living in pretty much any country that is not your home country is they won't have what you want...and that seems to be particularly the case when you go from a very developed country to one that is still working it's way up and even one that's similar but everything is in fucking Chinese...but I digress...did I mention the metric system?!

The metric system is fantastic but what a pain in the ass to figure out..and why is it that only one country (the US) seems to think it's funny and "foreign" to use such a simple base 10 concept?! Perhaps not the key to American kids in the sciences playing on a level field but really it would have same hours of time and moments of my life to have that all buttoned up at the get go. Again I digress but for good reason.

Have you ever tried to cook metrically? I should guess not unless you are one of the people from any country outside of the US. It's quite sensible except for the weighing of dry ingredients which I don't agree with (what if it spills off the scale? see where I'm headed) and while we are at weighing or assigning mass to things (because that's what happens when you go metric too) why on earth do Brits and Scots use the stone? Seriously?! A 14 pound swing per stone is foolish...yep, it is.

So all this brings me too learning to cook for really the first time in my life but doing so using the metric system...the practical metric system, not the one that you used in chemistry or physics...and now I'm at the junction of having to change back to the empirical system (read US bullshit) and really it's not cool, not cool at all. So here I am at a standstill...and admittedly I love's elegant in it's simplicity.

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